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It's Honestly Disrespectful To Make Sydney McLaughlin Run Qualifying Heats And Waste Her Time

Look at Sydney McLaughlin against these bums. Did I call other Olympians bums? I sure did. That's what Sydney McLaughlin does. Shout out Kentucky. Shout out Union Catholic High School in Jersey. I don't know if you can consider it a race when Sydney practically walked down the home stretch. You typically need someone else in the frame when you cross a finish line, then again McLaughlin is a monster. Didn't even break a sweat to advance to the finals. But really it just shows it's a waste of her time. Give her some actual competition, Yeah, yeah, all that bullshit that anything can happen in qualifying heats. But unless she slipped on a wet track because of the rain and then tumbled a bunch of times and broke her leg she was going to qualify for the finals. Why waste our time? Why waste her time? 

JEWEL SAMAD. Getty Images.

It's absurd how easy she makes this look. I don't know how one gets THIS fast and this good at hurdles, but I'm glad it's someone who babysat my family members and then went to Kentucky. Easiest person for me to ever root for. She could have smashed that world and olympic record if she wanted to. Decided to save some for the finals and draw eyeballs to see just how fast she can run. Content 101 right there. Run Syd Run.