Well Shit. The Mets Officially Do Not Sign Kumar Rocker

Cuncel da Rocker! Well that was just one long dick tease that ended with a kick to the balls that comes along with losing out minds while watching offense laying another pile of shit on the field in a series loss to the Reds as Jacob deGrom's setback feels like a guillotine hanging over our heads. I thought we were finally done worrying about draft signing deadlines once the Wilpons got shooed out of Queens, but here I am blogging like a schmuck at my niece's birthday party about a draft I usually don't know/care about.

There are plenty of pissed off Mets fans angry that Uncle Stevie wouldn't shell out a few milly of his unlimited cash for a stud pitcher with a questionable elbow when he'll spend a ton of money on some of the most preposterous big ticket art you will ever see. That actually has me going the other way and wondering if Rocker's elbow truly has more red flags than China simply because we know money is not an issue for Steven A. Cohen and Vandy's coach rode his studs the way Joe Torre used to ride Scott Proctor. If the doctors and supernerds in the Mets front office said it was not worth tying up that kind of money in Rocker's elbow after seeing the results of his physical and they would be better off not signing him then getting the 11th pick in next year's draft, then I guess that could definitely be the case. There's a reason that Rocker even dropped to the Mets at 10 before he took his physical and I'm guessing they are the reason he will be in next year's draft.

The beauty of sports is we'll see how Rocker's elbow and career pans out. The annoying part is we are going to have to wait a while to see if it does, so everyone will just be debating about this move until results actually come in.

Keep in mind that Rocker's agent is Scott Boras, who will not take a dollar less for his clients than he thinks he has earned. Boras had two clients on the Mets set to cash in, one with a reportedly bad elbow and the other batting under the Mendoza line. Boras hated that the Mets were run like a small market team while the Wilpons were in charge, but now he has to deal with an owner that has a brain and a set of balls that made the richest owner in the sport. The bottom line is Kumar Rocker won't be a Met, which really fucking sucks after Red Sox fans hyped me up for him for a full year. Now we have to wait and see if it was the right move for the Metropolitans.

Mets fans may be pissed but the real losers in all this were the New York newspapers. The amount of headlines they could've gotten out of the words Kumar and Rocker might've actually brought print media back to life. 

Leave it to KFC of all people to being the voice of reason through all this.

Whatever. Mets up 4 as it was yesterday, this morning, and tomorrow. We'll discuss the series, the Rocker news, and the most electifying double play combination in baseball (when Lindor comes back) on tomorrow's We Gotta Believe.