Anthony Rizzo To The Rescue Once AGAIN For The Yankees - Extend This Man

Lynne Sladky. Shutterstock Images.

Yankees 3 Marlins 1

It was your typical day game for the Yankees needing a sweep. Stranding runners, no offense, and a bleak look at a victory. They entered today 13-24 in day games, and a dreadful record when trying to finish off a sweep. Then all of a sudden in the 8th inning, Anthony Rizzo came to the rescue once again. 1st and 3rd 1 out. A prime opportunity for the Yankees to waste a chance and hit into a double play. That's what they've done all year long, but not anymore. Not with Rizzo in this lineup. The Marlins inexplicably brought in a lefty to get Rizzo out. All Rizzo does is mash lefties, but he wasn't complaining. He promptly took the ball the opposite way for a game-tying base hit. This fucking guy man. This fucking guy. 

Aaron Judge followed suit with a go ahead single of his own. 

Just like that the Yankees had the lead. Did the Marlins unbelievably bad infield defense have a hand in it? No question, but goddam I'll take it. 

In the following half inning with Zack Britton losing the ability to throw a strike, Rizzo made a play down the line to start a 3-6-3 inning ending double play. For him it's a walk in the park, but for the Yankees noted defensive issues, this was a prayer. Perfect throw to Gleyber to start the DP. Sex. 

The debut weekend of Anthony Rizzo as a Yankee has been nothing short of incredible. Blasting big homers on Friday and Saturday. The game tying single today and that stellar defense at 1st. Extend this man and then give him more money. Whatever he wants. What a trade, what a new breath of fresh air for this team. They're soaring up in the wild card standings with an easy stretch ahead of them. There's a new vibe surrounding this team and it's all because of Anthony Rizzo. Thank you Big Cat. Thank you Carl. For once my Sunday was not ruined by this team.