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Snoop Dogg Has Been Killing It With The Color Commentary These Olympics With Crip Walk & Cum Shot Jokes Galore.

And by killing it, I mean getting away with murder. 

Figuratively of course. 

Not literally, like he did in 1993

But in a rare, well-done, well-thought-out, marketing move by NBC Universal, they've trotted out Kevin Hart and Snoop to do a nightly run down of that day's events. And rather than have them regurgitate the same stale commentary we've already heard about the stud athletes in all the most common events like men's swimming and women gymnastics, they're teeing up some of the more random olympic events for them to expound on.

And expounding they are.

The above clips are just a couple from the past two days that are making waves now that people are starting to take notice that this is taking place on The Peacock streaming network.

The latter clip is of Snoop just casually referencing being a gold medalist in everybody's favorite "Skeet Skeet" aka cum shot competition. Here I was all these years believing Peter North was the Michael Phelps of that sport, when it's been Snoop this whole time.

And let's not let the ejaculation talk that everybody loves so much take the attention away from Snoop losing his shit when he saw that horse "dressage". I thought crip walking reached its peak in the late 90's when you couldn't watch a west coast video without it being thrown in your face. 

But getting the Olympic treatment from Snoop Dogg might just breathe new life into it.

p.s. - I joke but in all honesty I, like so many others I have to venture to believe, am so fucking jealous of Snoop Dogg's "carte blanche". He's in that rare company along with Charles Barkley where he can say or do whatever the fuck he wants and people not only laugh their ass off about it, but they eat it up and can't get enough. In a world gone mad with cancelling anybody and everybody over everything, these two have no fear. And man is it refreshing. Can you imagine Bob Costas (a noted hip hop head and monster Ludacris fan) dropping those lines about crip walking over those Equestrian Dressage highlights? He's getting raosted and basted over the spit on social media, issuing a public apology, and probably losing his job. Snoop though? He just doubles down and starts dropping load blowing innuendos all over the place. #respect

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