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Love The Dedication Of This French Boxer Who Refused To Leave The Ring For AN HOUR To Protest Getting DQ'd

[Reuters] - "It's totally unfair," Aliev told reporters, per Reuters." "I was winning the match. I was just stopped without any warning and they just told me that 'you lost' - just like that. So I think it was an act of sabotage. ... "I prepared my whole life for this event. So getting mad for something like that is natural."

I know people will sit there and say this guy is soft and just accept the ruling. Hell no. If you think you're being sabotaged, you protest. Odds are the ref got it wrong anyways, at least that's the way I like to live. I give this French dude Mourad Aliev a ton of credit. I like to consider myself someone who is elite at sitting, but that comes on a couch or in my recliner, which has a back massager and heater. This dude is sitting on the ring apron. You can't get comfortable there for an hour. That's so long, especially when you don't have a TV to watch or podcast to listen to. You just sit there stewing that you lost a fight, which is basically how marriage works anyways. 

The worst part is he got DQ'd with 4 seconds left in the 2nd round. Come on ref, wait for the bell and hit him a warning. You don't DQ a dude like that. Let the boys fight and figure out from there who is the better boxer. Then again, this whole boxing event at the Olympics is a fucking disaster. 

I miss when boxing actually mattered in the Olympics. Used to send the best of the best and be able to watch it. Now it's a talk about a bullshit DQ and a French dude protesting it by refusing to leave the ring. I appreciate the dedication though. Like I said, if you think you got fucked over, you prove a point. You don't just accept it and move on. This is an every four year event and you may only get one chance. You lose your mind and make a whole ordeal out of it. Should have slept in the ring honestly.