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AJ McKee Runs Through Patricio Pitbull To Become New Bellator Featherweight Champ

Holy shit. Patricio Pitbull is probably one of the more underrated fighters of the last decade across professional mixed martial arts competition, and AJ McKee just SMOKED him and made it look easy. 

McKee landed a head kick - riiiight on the money - in the first round that wobbled Patricio, and then threw a couple follow-up shots that put him down before prematurely celebrating and letting the champion back to his feet. It wasn't long before he submitted him with a guillotine choke (ironically, the maneuver Pitbull predicted HE'D win with), making him the NEW Bellator Featherweight Champion. 

AJ McKee now moves to 18-0 as a professional mixed martial artist, ALL of those bouts having taken place in Bellator....


….and goes home with a nice million dollar check for winning the Featherweight Grand Prix tonight on top of the new hardware!

AJ's father, Antonio McKee, raised him to be a champion since the day he could walk, and the prophecy has finally been fulfilled! Plus, with his amazing all-around skillset he could seriously be champ for a while! I mean, that record speaks for itself. Dude is a SPECIAL fighter and he's only 26.

AJ also actually did My Mom's Basement like 2 years ago and seemed like a good dude, so I'm very happy for him. 

Great night for both Bellator and the UFC, I thought. Loved all the violence.

P.S. Get this man the next contract, Scott Coker! Talk about head movement!