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Lions QB David Blough Going Nuts For His Wife Melissa Gonzalez As She Qualified For The Semifinals At The Olympics is An Awesome Watch

No two ways about it that's just an awesome video of Lions QB David Blough cheering on his wife as she qualified for the 400m hurdle semifinals at the Olympics. WE GOTTA GO!!! My heart was racing just listening to his voice to be honest with you. The Lions had a whole watch party as they watched Melissa Gonzalez set a Colombian national record. Easily a top 5 moment the Lions have had as a team in their franchise's history. Sorry, it was there had to do it. No, but seriously that was incredible. I thought Blough was gonna roll an ankle or throw out his shoulder celebrating he was that pumped. Passion baby, give it to me. Inject that into my veins. Pretty dope seeing all his teammates thrilled for her as well. Here's the race, she's towards the top of the track finishing in 2nd. 

They also put together this video wishing her the best of luck beforehand. Blough at the end clearly getting emotional and was at a loss for words.

Blough and Gonzalez are high school sweethearts as she was the track star and he was the QB obviously. Talk about a power couple. 

Looks like the semifinals for Melissa are on Monday. Gotta watch now. 

P.S. Hurdling is something I cannot fathom my body accomplishing. How do you sprint and then have the energy to jump over something like that multiple times. My hamstrings would simply snap in half.