Phillies Give Up A Young, Gassed Spencer Howard For Starter Kyle Gibson And Closer Ian Kennedy

OK. It's not Kimbrel, Bryant, Baez (fuck off, Mets) or anyone of extreme talent and value, but...OK. Look, if we're looking to compete and win the NL East this year, it's a solid move. Spencer Howard has obviously underwhelmed and isn't helping this team out short term. Shit, he won't have to hit in the AL so maybe he can even string together a few 4-5 inning starts before gassing out. Howard's value is at an all-time low and the Phillies traded him away for a few solid arms whose values are at an all-time high. Gibson is 33 on a career year (and is under Phillies control for 2 years) and Kennedy, 36, is on a similar, career resurgence boat. The Phillies get a starter and a closer who can help them win now. OK. 

But long term, it just kinda reinforces how this franchise is absolute DOGDICK at identifying, developing, and keeping the right talent. Spence was the prospect the Phillies didn't give up in the JT Realmuto deal to the Marlins. You know who they did send off? Oh, only some kid named Sixto Sanchez. Even dishing away the former 2nd rounder like it ain't no thing sucks. So, yeah, now this deal is OK. We'll see if/when it clips our nuts off in few years. But unless they do something in the next 30 min that involves at minimum Buxton, I don't know if that's even enough. 

Also, do NOT give up Mick Abel unless it's for a true king's ransom. We have a few more years to get excited over his pure talent in the minors before the Phillies ultimately screw make him amount to nothing.