Everyone Can Kiss My Pasty White Ass

Kimbrel to the White Sox and I might puke. Not because of the return. I can break that down later. I like madrigal and Codi is nasty but higher level there’s nothing worse than doing business this time of year with White Sox Dave. He’s jumping up and down like the World Series just finished. Rick Hahn did it again he says. No reason to even show up and play the games. Meantime I got starting 9 up my ass trying to get a reaction and sooner or later I’m going to break. Thank god I spent last night unjunking my sleep at mattress firm. If I didn’t get 8 hours then I’d be extra pissed.

Truth be told I love nick Madrigal. I always have. Anyone who listens to red line knows that I’m not joking in the least. It’s a fine return for Kimbrel but of course I’d rather not be in this position. Might as well thank for top 5 at this point.

Say a prayer for me. I need your help.