The Braves Traded for Adam Duvall Six Months After Letting Him Walk for $5 Million

Despite sitting at 51-52 on the season, the Braves are just four games back of the Mets in the NL East and are buying at the trade deadline. In addition to trading Pablo Sandoval for Eddie Rosario, Atlanta got Adam Duvall from the Marlins. Duvall has murdered the Braves this season to the tune of five homers and 17 RBI in 43 plate appearances, so even just getting him off the Marlins should be good for two or three more wins this season.

This was a good move for a Braves team which needed another bat in the outfield since the injury to Ronald Acuña Jr. The only problem is that Atlanta had to give up anything for Duvall when they just let him walk for $5 million less than six months ago.

That's the most Braves shit I've ever seen. Let a guy who had an .852 OPS for you the past two seasons walk for next to nothing and then have to give up a prospect — even though I'm not very high on Alex Jackson — to get him back at the very next trade deadline.

But at least they're doing something. Despite the fact this Braves team has proven itself to be the least trustworthy bunch you'll find in Major League Baseball, I still think Duvall coupled with a solid bullpen arm could maybe give this team some sort of jolt to make a run.

The Mets are going to have a Mets-like stretch at some point. The Braves just have to position themselves to be able to take advantage when it happens.

I believe.