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Need For Speed Underground 2 Is The Best Video Game Soundtrack Of All Time

I felt disrespected that NFS Underground 2 wasn't even an option!! Name something better than winning a race and immediately hearing "Riders on the Storm..." - ICONIC.

Guitar Hero 3 listed feels like a cheat. The game had to have good music or else it would've tanked. There was no better game at the time than GH3. I wish we could stream it on Twitch, but we'd get DMCA'd faster than Katie Ledecky winning gold.

Also, can we get Minecraft as an honorable mention? Minecraft music is basically church music on steroids.

Tell me that music isn't soothing...

So we went around HQ to ask some of my co-workers their thoughts on the best video game soundtrack of all time and below is what Twitter had to say.

We can all agree that FIFA and 2K consistently puts out bangers for their soundtracks. I can't remember a time when I didn't bump frequently to a FIFA playlist.

What's your pick for best video game soundtrack of all time?