Rico Bosco Stabbed Me In The Back: I’m Not Mad, I’m Disappointed

Big news came out of the Dozen Trivia this morning that Rico Bosco would be replacing Trysta and joining Team Minihane. What the barstool world didn’t know is that Rico, Kelly Keegs and myself had a handshake agreement to be a team for season 2 and it was even confirmed by the leader of the league himself Jeff D. Lowe. 

Just when you think you know a guy. What happened to some things are bigger than sports? What happened to loyalty? What happened to friendship? There’s work friends and then there’s real friends. I considered Rico Bosco a real friend. We talked about each others personal life, family and friends. He even gave me a card signed by himself and all the Picks Central boys after my grandmother passed away a few months ago. That meant the world to me. I was genuinely moved by the act of kindness, so when something like this happens it hurts that much more. It’s not about the dozen trivia. It’s an amazing show and Jeff D. Lowe does a great job with it, but it’s about the principle. The second a “better opportunity” was put in front of him all that we had talked about was forgotten. My intention here isn’t even to drag Rico. It’s to make him realize how good of a friend he had in me. 

Rico has reached out and apologized in what I believe is a genuine and sincere manner. He knows me on a personal level well enough to know I’m a foxhole guy. I may not be the most talented guy here or the hardest worker at times, but I’m a guy that when I open up and let you in my circle I’d go to hell and back for you. I’m a guy that you’d want on your team and in your foxhole. I’d rather die with my people than live alone. 

Sometimes here the lines between content and reality get blurred. Being in somewhat of a constant 24/7 reality show type situation in the office can do that. But like I said, it has nothing to do with trivia, it‘s about the principle. No cameras. No quotes on viva la stool. Just a guy genuinely looking out for his friend. At the end of the day Rico was that guy for me as well. The card he gave me after my grandma died I still carry in my backpack because it was a sign of genuine friendship from him and some of the other guys. Not for cameras or content but just a friend reaching out to another during a time of darkness. I won’t forget that. I know that Rico Bosco means well (at least when it comes to me) but I was hurt by his actions. Where my trivia future goes from here? I’m not quite sure, only time will tell.