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Stanley Cup Champion David Krejci Is Leaving The Bruins And Heading Back Home To The Czech Republic

Oh man, am I sad... David Krejci has announced that he's leaving Boston after 14 years and heading back home to the Czech Republic to play...

"Since the end of the season, as I have thought about my future, it has become clear that I need to make a difficult decision for my family and I. At this point in my career and life I need to return to the Czech Republic and play in front of my family who sacrificed so much to help me achieve my NHL dreams. I want to play in front of my parents, brother and friends. I want my children to live where I grew up, spend time with so many Czech family members who love them and create lifelong memories."

Krejci made it clear it was Boston or the Czech Republic once the season ended and now he's made his choice. While I'm sad he's not coming back, it's completely respectable and understandable that he wants to go home and be with his family and have his kids live where he grew up. Doesn't make it sting any less knowing how good Krejci is and was here in Boston. Severely underrated around the league, was great in the playoffs. It's a shame that Sweeney never gave him anyone good to play with until it was too late. Just a revolving door.

Drafted in the 2nd round in 2004 (63rd overall), Krejci finished his career in Boston with 215G (ranked 16th in franchise history), 515A (7th in franchise history) for 730 points in 962 career games. He was a playoff monster and led the postseason in scoring in 2011 and 2013… 

Thank you David, for 2011, thank you for everything you've done for the Black & Gold. Man, is he gonna be missed. Really wish we could've gotten one more year to see the damage him and Hall could've done…

B's will look internally to fill Krejci's 2C role (a massive hole), likely a battle between Coyle, Studnicka and Foligno in the mix, "by committee" as Don Sweeney likes to call it. The moves Boston made on free agency day make more sense now with Krejci's departure. Krejci's leadership will definitely be missed in the locker room as well.

Forever a Boston Bruin and forever a Stanley Cup Champion. 

Bruce Bennett. Getty Images.

46 will be in the rafters one day.