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Giannis Laughs: LeBron Reportedly Started Recruiting Russell Westbrook Two Weeks Ago To Come Form Another Super Team

The entire basketball world has spent the last few weeks giving Giannis endless praise. Not just for his dominant performance in the NBA Finals, but also for everything he said after. The fact that he was so anti superteams and that if you need one to win you're basically a coward. We all knew who he was referencing. You're kidding yourself if you didn't think LeBron was going to do everything he could to respond. That's why this report that his recruitment/tampering of Russell Westbrook started two weeks ago isn't the least bit shocking. That date seems weird....what exactly happened around two weeks ago? 

The Bucks won Game 5 on July 17th to go up 3-2, basically winning the series. 

Listen, get mad if you want, but this is how things operate in the NBA, specifically with LeBron. Remember the Heat Big 3? Remember this? 

Give him credit, the man can tamper his face off to ensure that he has every last bit of help to form his own new super team. I find it hilarious that this all happens during a time when the talk has been hopeful that super teams were maybe on the way out. Yeah, I don't think so. It's also "technically" not against the rules for friends to talk to each other about joining forces, even if one of those guys is currently under contract. It happened in BKN too. That's the way the NBA world operates. 

The question now becomes, does this improve the Lakers? I think it for sure does in some ways. Russ isn't nearly as bad as Twitter makes him out to be, but he's also a questionable fit on this team. Both can be true. He'll help the playmaking and maybe he can generate offense when LeBron sits, but the man cannot shoot. That's real. The Lakers spacing is going to be interesting to see because nobody respects Westbrook from three. Why would you? He's a career 30% three point shooter. That's why I could understand if you're someone who preferred Buddy Hield as an option given his skillset and how bad the Lakers need it. 

The Lakers certainly aren't the first team that hope Westbrook will be their missing piece. Hasn't worked out so far but his talent is undeniable. Four times in the last 5 seasons averaging a triple double isn't exactly what I would call easy, and on this team he's asked to be the 3rd guy. That's different from his OKC/HOU/WSH days. 

I think the best part of this whole thing is it sort of proves Giannis' point. Anybody can win by forming a super team. It's easy. After a disappointing year, LeBron went and found what he thinks will be another easy path. There's no excuse now, he got his star, he has another super team, and somewhere you know Giannis is laughing while he smiles at his championship trophy.