Get Your <100 Merch!

We did it! We finally broke 100 and it was glorious. One of the great accomplishments of my life. We've been RIGHT THERE on multiple occasions recently and it finally happened at Garden City Country Club. I am now a <100 golfer and no one can take that away from me. i'm not saying i'll be <100 every time out, that's a promise sure i make. but it's nice to know at least capable of doing that. possibility. there's hope now all i've ever wanted out my golf game.< p>

So if you're like me and you're always hovering right around 100, this is the merch for you. <100 is a way of life. every time we step up to the first tee we're just trying be <100. that's really what whole series was about. being golfer who goes out there, holds on for dear life, tries hit few good shots, some putts, play smart and then hopefully at end it result double digit score. if that sounds like you, <100 made you. < p>

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