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Units Are Taking Over Chicago

The Units are taking over Chicago! We started our journey in Belleville, NJ on Tuesday morning. The trek to Chicago from New Jersey takes about 12 hours. That's a bit much for one day of traveling, so we decided to split it into two and stop for the night half way, which just so happened to land us in The Burgh.

We stopped in Pittsburgh to check out PNC Park and we are glad we did.

The Pirates did not play well, but PNC Park may be the nicest ballpark in the country. It was the 4th Major League ballpark I've been to, so I know what I'm talking about.

Day two of the trip would be another 6 hours of driving. We tried to visit Cleveland, but it was closed. (There was no moose, just a road sign)

Thankfully, Indiana was open! 

We found a nice local restaurant just outside Chicago. Although the hostess did try to seat us in a booth, our waitress was nice and the steaks were great.

An hour later, after driving through Gary, Indiana, which Frank informed me is the birth place of Michael Jackson (Seriously, what doesn't Frank know?!), we arrived in Chicago! After driving for 12 hours over two days, I was spent and it was an early night in at our hotel by O'hare. The next morning, we drove into the city to check out Barstool Chicago's new office and see the windy city crew.

I first visited Chicago right before Christmas last year and know first hand the size of the room they were working out of. This new office is amazing. There's actually space for Frank and I to sit. That would not have been the case in the old office. I hope to come back real soon to visit the guys and really take in this office. Until then, it was on to the Cubs game and the first visit to Wrigley Field for both Frank and I. 

We had amazing seats behind home plate, thanks to my creator, The one and only, Big Cat. They were fantastic seats. Small and absolutely not meant for Units, but fantastic seats.

It was an exciting game. There was actually more than one run scored by both teams, which was a change from the prior Mets and Pirates games we went to. Unfortunately, Rizzo was not in the lineup for his final game as a Cub and the Cubs lost to the Reds, 7-4.

We finished out the day with some actual local Chicago food that Tank tested. He will be releasing those reviews soon on his youtube channel, so make sure you're subscribed to that channel. For now, it's time to rest again because we have a full day of talking, buying, selling, trading, and collecting sports cards at The National tomorrow. I'm excited to see what we will find!