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Teams Reject Giving Up Players/Picks/Organs For Ben Simmons As The Sixers Draft G Jaden Springer

Only a former #1 pick who was once billed as a generational talent (still solid but obviously not that), last year's #2 pick, and 4 other selections...what you waiting on, Golden State? You've got a 3x All-Star here ready to take a mental Upper Decker all over the Golden Gate Bridge! 

Obviously Mr. Morey is just throwing out unrealistic lines for Ben Simmons not expecting a bite. If a team hooks on, great. But it's OK that nothing happened tonight. Sure, Bradley Beal may be out now that Westbrook is heading to LA and the Wizards seemingly want to build around their only superstar left in DC. And that's OK, too. There are still plenty of other options out there *cough Dame cough* until the season begins. Just wait. In Morey We Trust. 

As for the #28 pick overall Jaden Springer, we asked around with trusted, unbiased sources here at Barstool: 

Love it. Sure, why not. Let's go Jaden.