The Red Sox were in the market for a left handed power bat to play first base. They for sure just locked up a left handed power bat. One who very much looks like a traditional first baseman. Yet somehow Kyle Schwarber has only played ONE (1) career game at first base. He played the vast majority of his career with Anthony Rizzo, I get it, but it might be a rocky start in the field for a guy who is coming off a hamstring injury. But that's for Cora and the boys to figure out. What we already know is that Schwarber is going to MASH and I'm glad he finally found his way to Fenway. That bat, and that beautiful mug of his, always felt destined for Fenway. I don't know if it's because his last name flows effortlessly with the accent or what, but I'm glad we're finally here.

Aldo Ramirez was pitching his balls off down in Salem this year. ranked him as the Sox #19 prospect, but had him as their eighth overall prospect. So there's an argument to be made the Sox overpaid a bit, but none of that matters if Schwarber is healthy the rest of the way. I promise I'll never think of Aldo Ramirez ever again the second Schwarber puts one 20 rows past the red seat.