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Even Kanye And Will Smith Were Laughing At Drake's Meek Mill Memes

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Brutal. The dude who originally repped Philly in the rap game and by many accounts the biggest music superstar alive today legitimately just laughing their heads off at you. I cant imagine how embarrassing that is. Thats worse than when it was literal murder back in the East Coast West Coast days. I’d rather be shot dead right now than be Meek Mill. I’d rather not be on this planet than have the entire planet laughing at you. Right now twitter is trending with #MeekMillsLifeMatters. I mean the guy is legitimately ruined. Career over type of shit. Go play in the sand box with Canibus. You are done, dude. Even Porn Hub is ragging on you:

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Meek Mill was the perfect amount of famous for the rap industry and black twitter to care, the perfect level of not famous enough where anyone cares to back him. Like even Philly people dont care they just wanna join in with the laughing. He isnt popular enough to have people blindly support him even after the murder. People are willing to just admit he got smoked. Fans, other rappers, whoever. Right now laughing at Meek Mill is legit the most fun thing to do in the world so everyone is joining in. Entire internet enjoying themselves at your expense. Just a terrible, terrible fate for any rapper.