BREAKING: Max and Trea Heading To The Dodgers For A Load Of Prospects


No two ways about this, this sucks. This really sucks. Like, we knew Max was going to be moved, but it still sucks because Max is the best. But to LA? And with Trea???? SUCKS.

I know the Nats didn't want to pony up the big bucks for Trea. So now we are in full blown rebuild mode. Scherzer gone, Stras with the most up in the air future possible, and Trea being shipped to LA as he enters his prime. God. 

So what will happen now is Soto will get the big bag, and we better hope some of these prospects develop because the current Nats farm system is 2 cows short of a barn.

I understand rebuilds. I am fine with rebuilds. You just never want your team to rebuild. I wanted to lock Trea up long term, lock Soto up long term, develop some pitching, have Kieboom develop, and have another run at it in a few years. Not this.

So yeah. Congrats to the Dodgers on the World Series. Son of a bitch.