Dana B Knows Where Every College Basketball Player Drafted Between 2005-2010 Went To College And It's Wildly Impressive


One of the more impressive videos I've seen in quite some time, and I watched a girl take 2...nevermind, family site. Dana B knowing where every player who was drafted into the NBA between the years of 2005-2010 is one of those talents you never know you need until you're put on the spot. Doesn't matter if you were taken first overall, "a tall guy out of BYU", or anywhere in between, Dana B knows where you went to school. I was a little nervous when he hesitated on James Gist (shout out Terps!) but he nailed it. 

I was trying to think if there was anything like this I have an outstanding memory of. I used to be really good with college bball as well back when Maryland was in the ACC and before every player was 1 and done, but nothing to this level. I don't think I know my own life as well as Dana can rattle off where Sonny Weems or Dominic McGuire went to college (Arkansas and Fresno State, respectively). 

And he's right. He is great and chugging...sorry...YUGGING beers, 


spin moves



And editing documentaries



The guy truly is 1 in a million.