AJ McKee/Patricio Pitbull Just Had To Be Separated At Their Pre-Fight Presser (Gotcha Belt!)


AJ McKee and Patricio Pitbull got into it today ahead of their million dollar fight in the finals of the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix this Satuday when the fighters' families were brought into the trash talk, which then escalated into a 'Gotcha Belt' situation from McKee reminiscent of Conor McGregor in '15....

If you didn't watch the videos or just want the tl;dr; the pull-apart happens because Pitbull said he would kick McKee's ass in front of his dad (who's a fighter himself, sitting beside McKee), so McKee responded by saying he'd kick Pitbull's ass in front of his wife and kids. Nothing crazy like saying he'd shoot him and his wife in their sleep or wishing ill upon dead relatives or anything.

This fight is gonna be fuckin awesome and this hilariously prototypical presser altercation just made me even more excited for it.

It's a total tale of two sides with Patricio in the role of the short, stocky vet who believes in respect above all and takes shit talk personally; and McKee as the young, tall, flashy fighter who will snatch a mothafucka's belt. Both Bellator mainstays (McKee being a completely homegrown talent) at the finals of a massive tournament that EVERYONE wanted to watch them compete against each other in.


It's an all-around perfect scenario. I had Jimmy Smith in My Mom's Basement just now and we discussed this Bellator card (and how the UFC one stacks up) this weekend, plus a ton else - so look out for that tomorrow. 

I'll also be interviewing Bellator President Scott Coker for the very first time in about 24 hours, and that will release on Saturday as a pre-fight show of sorts. Look out for that too!