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Splitgate Is Set To Become The Next Biggest Game, So Naturally The Developers Trolled The Fuck Out Of Us

ROASTED - imagine the shock as I went to load up this new game I was hype to play. The game finally finishes loading and all I see is this, "Barstool Sports, go play Fortnite and come back later" - what is this 2018!?!?!?

Watch the video above to get the 101 gist from Splitgate - but in the simplest sense, Splitgate is a combination of Halo and Portal. Everyone that's been playing this game has been absolutely raving about it.

Too. Many. Portals.

The biggest problem Splitgate is facing right now is server capacity. They aren't able to keep up with demand from its player base. So, they decided to take the servers offline until tomorrow (Friday).

I understand the frustration from certain players who want to be able to try Splitgate (myself included). However, Splitgate has a very similar story to Among Us. The entire team is 4 developers that created this game and didn't expect it to take off the way it did. Splitgate is eerily similar because both games released for about 2 years and then completely took the gaming world by storm.

One thing I'll say until the day I die, I really appreciate developers having transparency with their community. This is exactly what Splitgate has done since its emergence and it continues to grow massively. Hopefully the developers are able to get the servers under control, so that everyone can enjoy Splitgate.

Tonight on stream we played Apex legends and Valorant!