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Watch An Impala Take On 16 Wild Dogs And A Pod Of Angry Hippos In Croc-Infested Waters Yet Somehow Live To Tell The Story

Let's go live to Thornybush and get a reaction from that impala after that unbelievable escape!

That's one small swim for impala, one giant leap for impalakind. What a fucking video. Planet Earth, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic have conditioned my brain to expect to see the impala become dinner picked to the bone in a situation like that a million times out of a million. 

If the starving wild dogs don't get you, the vicious crocs will. And if the vicious crocs somehow pass on the free meal swimming hopelessly pass their faces, a group of angry, enormous mammoths going full Hippo Mode most CERTAINLY will since they are one of the lowkey scariest creatures in all of Africa (shameless plug for my guy Donnie's amazing bathing suit).

However this impala someone survived that fucking horror movie complete with a play-by-play announcer that pretty much had him dead to rights immediately because that impala is just built different. I bet he would tweet out the 😤 emoji if he had a phone, fingers, and/or even a basic meaning how the internet works.

I get that videos where the predator catches the prey is a necessary evil as it is the foundation of the entire food chain/planet and without that, life as we know it would cease to exist. But as a peaceful creature that loves to see other peaceful creatures walk away with their lives in a video where the odds are stacked against them, there's only one thing to say:

P.S. Impalas hopping is a Top 10 nature highlight for me. Can watch them do that shit for hours, preferably with that play-by-play announcer or Chris Berman saying WHOOP after every juke.