A Dude’s Dance Partner Turned The Local Nightclub Into Suplex City

Suplex City: an undeniably terrible place to visit, and that’s in the ring at a Summerslam main event. There, At the very least you admit the possibility that you might be making the trip. Your bag is packed and your will is updated. It may not make it any better but at least it’s not a complete surprise.

When you’re on the dance floor at your local hotspot for salsa or Samba or Macarena night however, and your dance partner is Brittany not Brock…getting German suplexed through the floor into the storage freezer in the basement as your neck hangs onto the rest of your body for dear life via one remaining tendon is just the absolute worst vacation imaginable.

To be fair though, this video wanted nothing to do with this couple for the first 4/5ths of it.  If the goal was announcing your presence and getting attention, well, to quote George W:

J Scott Applewhite. Shutterstock Images.