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Woj One-Upped His Normal Scoop Game By Announcing The Pistons Are Taking Cade Cunningham SEVEN HOURS Before The Draft

Some may think the NBA Draft is about the players and teams. Oh no this is a battle between Shams and Woj to beat the other in announcing who the team is picking. Honestly, part of me loves it. Part of me wishes for the day before Twitter. Remember that? When you'd sit around watching the Draft, typically arguing with your dad about shooting vs taking a center. Still got that Durant over Oden on you, Pops. But there was something pure about seeing David Stern coming out to the boos and wondering who was being picked. You had no idea besides some logical guesses. You didn't have Twitter spoiling it. That's what I miss. Especially when it was your team and your heart was racing that they'd take the guy you wanted. 

Now as for this pick? Uhh, ya think? There were reports that the Pistons were fighting about who to take. 

And hey, I like Mobley a ton, but this is what you do with the No. 1 pick. Cade's floor is so high man. He can do a little bit of everything, he's a better shooter than he gets credit for and gives you a unique player that you can truly build around. More importantly, I guess Cade makes his bed. 

Now back to Woj. I appreciate his hustle out here tipping the first pick SEVEN HOURS before the draft starts. But he's a vet of the game and made sure to put in an outlier. 

Well shit, I could have done that report. Cade is going to go number 1, unless the Pistons get an offer they can't refuse. Credit me here too. You know what, the 2nd pick will be one of Jalen Green (the probable answer) or Evan Mobley unless the Rockets get a trade they can't refuse. We're 2-for-2 on picks now. So congrats to Cade on going No. 1 overall, I look forward to Chris in a suit jacket talking about him in a calm tone. 

UPDATE: He won't stop. I guess we can start at pick 4 (Jalen Suggs). You know what? Let's just start the draft with pick 5 and save us some time.