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Finding Out Joey Gallo Grew Up a Yankees, Giants and Knicks Fan Made Me Irrationally Happy

We stan a New York sports fan KING. I don’t even care that he’s not actually from New York. Both of his parents were and that New York blood still pumps through his veins. The combination of his last name ending with a vowel and him being a huge Giants and Knicks fan makes me love him so so much. So much so that I’ll definitely give him a longer leash and I will absolutely make excuses for him when he inevitably strikes out a lot. With the short porch in right field Joey Gallo is gonna hit a billion home runs at Yankee Stadium and I‘m so excited. Is he the move to get this team over the hump into real World Series contenders? Absolutely not. I may like to talk my shit from time to time but at my core I am a realist. This team definitely needed a lefty bat so I’ll take it. 

Just look at this tweet from 2014. As a Yankees fan how can you not love the guy. He’s one of us! He’s just a goombatz  Yankees fan just happens to hit moon bomb dingers and now plays for the New York Yankees. The organization literally made his dreams come true. 

I don’t wanna wake up the part of the MLB that looks into tampering but Marty Mush and myself did party with him at the Bottled Blonde in Dallas a couple years ago. By partying with him I mean we were in the same club as him at the same time. He had his own table/section and we were each given a few free drinks so we basically had the same experience. I may or may not have blacked out that night so I don‘t remember talking to him but that also means even if I did talk to him there’s a chance I wouldn’t remember so basically there’s a chance I spoke to him that night and now he‘s a New York Yankee. What a world.