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Champion British Swimmers Losing It When Asked About Having a 'Phenomenal 3rd Leg' is the Real Gold

Here is the 10 billionth example you didn't to point out the difference between the male brain and the female brain. Poor BBC anchor Clare Balding has zero clue she said anything the least bit funny. While British swimmers Michael Richards and Tom Dean couldn't see it any other way. Even fresh out of pool after winning gold in the 4 X 200m Freestyle Relay in world record time, they still have the same sense of humor that they had as fifth graders. 

You might want to cut Richards - who actually swam that "phenomenal" third leg Balding is referring to from getting the uncontrolled giggles - since he's just 18. But nah. It makes no difference. He'll still think shit like this is hilarious when he's 38, 58 or 78. And according to the Inverse Appropriateness Humor Principle, the less suitable the setting for grade school comedy, the funnier it is. Which is why a fart in the middle of a wedding will always get a bigger laugh than one cracked while you're standing around a firepit on a summer night. Among one gender anyway. 

And of all different forms that sophomoric comedy takes, maybe none is better than a woman saying something that she just doesn't hear. True story: A while back I was at a Japanese steak house with a group of people that included one of my brothers. And the chef went from person to person shooting sake into our mouths with a squeeze bottle. And one of the women, who shall not be named but has heart of pure 14K gold, said something to the effect of, "He squirted it down my chin and now I'm all wet!" My brother and I immediately locked eyes, while nobody else registered any sort of reaction whatsoever. We just sort of shrugged and I said, "They just don't hear themselves." It's possible we've never been closer than in that moment. It's a bond we'll share forever. Even as which ever one of us survives the other is making inappropriate teenage dick jokes at the other's funeral. 

So good on you, British 4 X 200m Freestyle Relay champions. You might be world record holders in your field, but you haven't lost the common touch.