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NFL Camp Rundown: Day 2

I do not know If I am going to make this an everyday ordeal but there is a lot more noise coming out of camps. Also, I am not going to talk about whose vaxxed whose not vaxxed, but Chad Kelly has gotten another shot.



Tom Brady stays creating content after his jugs video, this one including Chad Johnson trying to get his speed rating higher. I 100% believe Tom Brady is faster now than his 2000 combine 5.28s 40. 


Mentioned this yesterday but the footage has now surfaced of Dan Campbell actually doing the up-downs. My favorite part of this tweet is Dan Campbell favoring his bad knee but still playing through the pain. That's a warrior and leader. The 40 up-downs will be a daily component of the defensive practice.


As this video shows Derrick Henry is no stranger to hard work and being a beast off the field for on-the-field production. Henry's practice routine has been different to other backs but as Henry has shown it's out of no avoidance of hard work.

Derrick Henry can practice however he wants, the guy doesn't need to be grinding hard putting undue stress on his body to be the most physical back in the league. Henry is most likely learning schematic install, staying in shape and explosive, while ensuring his body is ready for the season. We all want to see a healthy Henry week 1-playoffs so no reason to question his workload in training camp.



This tweet was gaining a lot of traction this morning but what people forget is that Zach Wilson was still in contract negotiations so all these passes were by backups but not the savior of the franchise.

The negotiations were regarding his signing bonus, basically, ownership wouldn't sign the check for all of his promised singing money as Darnold got within his first 15 days. They wanted to split the around 22 million signing bonus between this year and next year.

Gotta suck for Wilson who wants to show up and obviously get into the swing of things but is being held up by penny-pinching ownership. He will be practicing Friday.



Travis Kelce exits practice, probably just a Vet who wants to chill.


Giphy Images.


This is really bad for Daniel Jones, 2020 draft pick goes down.


More to the Kelvin Benjamin experiment. Joe Judge hit Benjamin with coming into camp too heavy, Benjamin had passed the conditioning test. David Gettleman was most likely the proponent of bringing him in and Judge didn't want him. Benjamin definitely felt disrespected and stormed off what may be his last shot in the NFL. 

Giants players back Judge.


Josh Allen stays dropping dimes and I cannot wait to watch him this season. Emmanuel Sanders has played with some of the greatest Qbs in the past 12 years so this is some of the highest praise. I want to see some of these throws but the media hasn't been releasing it as of yet. 

Spencer Brown is an LT who I have been checking out since his time at NIU, insanely athletic and dwarfs Josh Allen he will be an amazing asset. This is a team that has all the pieces. New York's team will be a serious contender.



Chargers safety Derwin James should be rated higher on Madden. 


People are guessing whether Zach Ertz's inside-out shorts or bleach blonde hair were some sorts of subliminal message regarding his contract extensions? Most likely he wanted to do something cool with his hair like all the other TEs with man buns but didn't have time to grow one. The inside-out shorts are a typical mistake. May have them inside out and backward to use the drawstring to tie to his towel. This is a cheat code when in shorts because then the towel doesn't fall out when practicing.


Shouldn't be too crazy of an injury to overcome. It's going to be icing and anti-inflammatory treatment and he will get back into the swing of things. Remember this guy bounced back from an ass-beating at PCB.



Trey Lance hyping up the crowd right after signing a four year, $34.1 million Fully guaranteed contract

Dropping dimes to George Kittle really showing he may be the best QB prospect in this year's draft. 

Nick Bosa Looking moving well after ACL surgery. 

Some are saying he is looking skinny but I am not entirely convinced. Bosa Is not in pads and has always played fast, might just be a lack of padding.


Honestly after that tweet yesterday about Kelvin Benjamin stealing food from the Giants facility I thought this was another joke tweet but turns out it is not. 


Two sources stating that he's been wearing #23 and playing scout team safety. He is listed as QB4

Really don’t see what's going on in Houston, lots of questions, no answers.


Carson Wentz throws a dime. Lots of comparisons between Wentz and Andrew Luck, lets see how this goes and hope he stays healthy.

 Cool Caveat

Foreign players are allowed to wear their flags next to the American flag.