It's Over. Anthony Rizzo & Kris Bryant Are Out Of The Lineup Today And Now We Wait

This is literally death by a thousand cuts. I have been dying for the hammer to fall on this trade deadline and it just won't end. Everyone knows what's happening and I feel like now we're just waiting for the names and teams. I'm disgusted. Purely and sincerely disgusted. 

Alternatively, it would be awesome if Jed was just trolling us this week. Like they sat them because they're signing their extensions right now and we're going to announce it at first pitch. That would be hilarious. Oh man Jed. Such a funny guy. Would love to see you pull this one off. 

Or more realistically this is one of the last steps in saying goodbye. Hopefully that means for just now. I'm currently walking down the street to the game with Frank and Duggs to pay my final respects. It was one hell of a run. More on this throughout the day and week as we conclude* the best 6 years in Cubs history.