Steve Spurrier Wasted No Time Welcoming Texas To The SEC By Roasting Them For Never Winning

[Orlando] - “I can understand Texas jumping over,” Spurrier said. “They get to play Texas A&M again. They get to … they can’t win the Big 12 anyway.

“I think they’re only won two in the last 30 years or so. What is it?”

Now that he's not roaming the Florida sideline (Kentucky beat him at South Carolina, so that's whatever) it's real tough not to love the Head Ball Coach. Quick side note, there's always a debate if it's Head Ball Coach or Old Ball Coach, but his headset always said HBC, so I go with Head Ball Coach. Got that cleared up. But now that he's just out there living his life, I love listening to him put on that visor and deliver one of his lines where he doesn't give a shit. Head Ball Coach just never disappoints. Never fails to entertain. I mean look at his history of delivering blow after blow. 

There's nothing Spurrier loves more than making fun of other teams and quite frankly we need more of it. Everyone talking about how big of a win it is for Texas and Oklahoma to join the SEC because of money and names, yeah, well not under HBC's watch. He's going to remind Texas they only have one title in 30 years. Peasants in his eyes. He doesn't care about the name or the brand. Nope he's going to hit you with a you can't even win in the Big 12 now you're coming to the best conference in the sport line. Well at least they get to play Texas A&M though! 

Long live Spurrier man. Hit the music.