And That's Why They Say You Should Never Bring A Knife To A Pizza Cutter Fight

I'm just sitting here trying to figure out who had the best facial expression out of this whole ordeal. The obvious choice would be the fella getting his forehead sliced up 8 ways to shreds by the maniac armed with a pizza cutter. 

Pretty gruesome, to say the least. But there's just one note to that facial expression, which is pain. I'm looking for a little more depth here. Which leads me to the maniac wielding a pizza cutter as weaponry. 

The meth teeth. The menacing eyes. The overall demeanor of a psychotic mutant who would even have the thought process to come strapped with a pizza cutter to a wrestling match. It's terrorizing for sure. But then we can get deeper here. The ref desperately wanting to look away in pure horror and disgust, yet still having to watch on as she has a job to do is fantastic. 

The crowd's shock and befuddlement is also mesmerizing. 

But when it really comes down to it? When all is said and done? The best facial reaction of all is everybody at home watching as a Domino's commercial comes on immediately after serving up a pie of skull flesh pie. 


One bite. 

Whoever was in charge of the ads for this broadcast knew exactly what they were doing, and they're a true artist when it comes to their craft. A commercial so perfectly placed like this is like watching Michael Jordan in his prime. A moment when you realize the unimaginable potential of human excellence. 

P.S. - Not a wrestling guy, so if this dude is known for using a pizza cutter as his finishing move and I'm just super late on it…whatever.