WATCH: Netflix Releases Trailer For Five Part Mini-Series "UNTOLD" Highlighting Some Of The Most Sensational Sports Moments Of All Time

Source - UNTOLD's first episode, Malice at the Palace, will take viewers back to November 19, 2004, when a basketball match became a fistfight between players and fans of two rival teams. The second episode, Deal with the Devil, follows the rise to stardom of female boxer Christy Martin, who would fall from grace due to substance abuse and domestic violence issues. Next, Caitlyn Jenner will focus on the titular athlete and her personal struggle to win the decathlon gold in Montreal in 1976 and accept her own identity. The fourth episode, Crime and Penalties, explores the ties between the mafia and the Trashers, a hockey team that becomes a target for an FBI investigation. Finally, Breaking Point follows tennis star Mardy Fish and how anxiety threatened his career.

Count me in. Admittedly I don't know anything about three out of the five topics, but I've been fiending for another Last Dance-style doc from Netflix for a while now. My only worry is that the Caitlin Jenner stuff is played out. Fascinating, yes, but I feel like I've heard it all. She was trans, she competed in the Olympics and won- we get it. That said, I'm sure there are a ton more layers to the story which puts the pressure on Netflix producers to pull them out. Regardless, the rest of the topics look incredible. Even it was just a five part series on Malice at the Palace I'd watch.  There's not really much else to say when it comes to this series other than watch it when it comes out. See you on August 10th.