First Trailer For ‘King Richard’ Starring Will Smith as the Father of Serena and Venus Williams Is Out And It Looks Fantastic

Will Smith is an awesome actor who lately has found himself in some horrible movies to act in. Movies like Gemini Man, Bright, Suicide Squad, or god even After Earth. Hell, they're still making Bad Boys movies. I guess money talks, but goddamn what the hell are you doing man? This however is his wheel house. Will Smith playing the Williams sisters' famous dad Richard Williams who pushed them beyond belief to become who they are today? Yep, I'm all in take my money. 

I'm going to be honest I really didn't think I was going to be excited for this one. Not in the slightest actually. I think I've made it clear how I'm not a fan of Serena with how over the top and obnoxious she can be. The theatrics over the years have been quite unbearable. I do like Venus a lot, however, and you can't ignore how amazing a career both have had to get to this point. It's time someone told their story and it looks like they knocked it out of the park. Sure it will be a bit corny, but I think they nailed Will Smith as the dad who wouldn't stop until his daughters were at the top of the world. Richard Williams used some of the more unconventional ways to vault his daughters to the top. Dude actually wrote a 78 page plan that would get them there and it fucking worked. I'm pumped for this one. Wonder if it gets Will Smith his elusive Oscar. 

Also looks like they got people who know how to hit a tennis ball in this. I cannot stand sports movies where people can't throw the ball or shoot it the right way. Always a good start for a sports movie is have people in the movie who can play the sport. Such a pet peeve of mine it's crazy. Use some common sense people.