Jersey Jerry Returns And So Does The Chaos | Barstool Sports Advisors - Week 3WATCH NOW

ViBbS wAsTeD hIs SuMmEr LeArNiNg MaGiC

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You know what isn't a waste of time? Magic. Learning sleight of hand over our week long vacation may have been the best time I've invested on anything in my life. Look at how conjuring a Sour Patch Kid from behind Trent's ear, eases his nervous mind from the task at hand - eating Beef Tripe (cow stomach).

Distracting your mind will be important on tomorrow's new episode of Lowering The Bar. Cow stomach doesn't necessarily taste bad straight out of a can, but the chewy texture can cause problems for the eater, especially when the walls of the cow's stomach get caught in the eaters teeth. 

New episode out tomorrow at 11am - Check out the latest episode of LTB where we pay homage to one of the hottest shows on the internet.