WATCH: Gangs of Monkeys Get Into a Traffic-Halting Brawl in Thailand


I hesitate to say this occurrence is awesome or anything like that, since the circumstances necessitating it are obviously unfortunate. With that said, it is a monkey brawl. There's just no way around it: any time you can blog a monkey brawl, you gotta do it.

I'm fascinated by the monkey tribes, though. Even when food is scarce, they're riding with their crew — and are willing to fight any other gang of primates in the middle of the street. I respect the hell out of that.

My favorite part of the video is actually the people on their bikes rolling through this scene, completely unfazed. "Yep, gonna be late, boss. Monkey gangs are at it again." One guy does pop a U-turn and head the other direction, but it was out of necessity of having somewhere to be rather than being at all worried about the hundreds of rabid monkeys going at it all around him.

Even at the 1:50 mark, when a dozen of those suckers take over that guy's car, nobody seems to give a shit. How many monkey brawls have we missed that this is just completely normal at this point?

I will be keeping my ear to the ground for the next Thai primate fight club.