Reggie Bush Officially Won't Get His Heisman Back Because The NCAA And Heisman Trust Refuse To Make A Logical Decision

Maybe we're the dumb ones. Those of us who thought, hey look at the NCAA is now allowing NIL, maybe they'll correct some wrongs and give Reggie his Heisman back. You remember Reggie Bush right? Arguably the most electric college football player the last 20-25 years where we tuned in to watch USC every Saturday and see what shit he'd pull off. 

Reggie put this statement out on July 1, when NIL was put in place. 


You know what? He's right. He didn't cheat the game. He went on the field and kicked people's ass. That had nothing to do with his family getting a house or anything like that. That's the one thing I never truly got with people arguing against NIL or why we take away trophies and shit. We all saw what happened on the field. Maybe a team should have tackled him or not let him run around the entire field. The rule he 'broke' isn't even a rule anymore. It's all legal! Why do we try to pretend like Reggie Bush's 2005 season didn't happen? It's arguably the dumbest thing the NCAA does - in a long ass list of dumb things. Forfeiting wins, taking down banners, all that stuff. We all saw the games, they happened. There was a winner and a loser, that doesn't change. 

Give Reggie his Heisman back. Let him be around it all and let all of us still talk about 2005 normally. Not that difficult of a thing that is the correct thing to do. Dumbass organization. Oh and you're not off the hook either Heisman Trust. You can change it, just do it.