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Rough N' Rowdy SZN is fucking BACK and arguably better than ever with the Main Events we have lined up for RnR 15: CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. We'll get to the other matchups later this week but for now let's just appreciate that motherfucking PACMAN JONES will be stepping into our ring on 8/27 vs. LIGHTS OUT, the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. 

It's a match that's been months in the making, starting off way back in May when Pacman dropped out of the clouds to call out (5-0) Bobby Laing with the utmost disrespect...

It's been 2+ months of them talking shit over IG and already escalated to some very personal bad blood between them. I'm still not sure if Pacman knows what he's getting into considering Bobby Laing IS the toughest fighter in Braintree, the whole South Shore, the entire state of Massachusetts and quite possibly planet earth. 

He's beaten our greatest heavyweight champion (who had a 60 lb weight advantage), our greatest middleweight champion (lost 20 lbs to move down a weight class), and every other highly touted fighter we've put in front of him. Dude is an absolute beast in that ring and according to our South Shore expert Handsome Hank Lockwood, Laing is very much about that local action too (beating the fuck out of people in bars, streets, anywhere really). 


But lest we forget, Pacman is VERY much with the shits too and clearly hasn't been slouching during his retirement. And with Laing moving down in weight to fight around 175-180 lbs anything is possible here. Could we potentially have Pacman Jones as a RnR champion? Crazier things have happened…

But the best news of all with RnR 15? FANS ARE FUCKING BACK FOLKS!!! We're gonna be packing the Charleston Coliseum with thousands of people for the 1st time since RnR 11 and getting that energy back into the arena is gonna be massive for the show. Can you imagine what this Shizzat Da Rizzat KO would've sounded like with a sold out audience? BAH. GAWD. 

Tickets go on sale this Friday July 30th and promo for CAPITAL PUNISHMENT begins right now… 20 fights, NO HEADGEAR, ring girl contest, the whole commentary team and more will back the last weekend of August. Get excited to get fucked up on Friday 8/27.