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It's Time To Address The Rumors Flying Around About The Office Today

So I think everyone has seen or at least heard of these little nuggets of content gold.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

I'll give everyone a minute to catch their breath...






Anyway, I am here to address the rumors that I will be in the office today to record ALL THREE of those shows!

That's right, I'll be in to talk about the wagon that is the New York Mets on We Gotta Believe, recap Doctor Strange in the basement with Robbie, and discuss this preposterous blog I republished over the weekend on KFC Radio since their minds are even more idiotic than mine.

Let's have ourselves a day of making niche content folks. Whit seems stoked about it!

It's gotten to the point where My Boy KFC is even firing up an emergency episode of Barstool Radio at 10 AM ET to cover everything.

I'll tell ya, this company sure knows how to make a guy feel welcome. What was I about to say? Oh yeah...