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A Patrick Mahomes 1/1 Autographed Rookie Card Smashed The Record For Most Expensive NFL Card at $4.3 Million

Oh boy do we have big things happening at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago this week. Patrick Mahomes is breaking more records but not on the playing field. A card of his has sold for a record $4.3 million, the most expensive NFL card ever and fourth most expensive of any sports card ever. This 2017 Rookie Panini National Treasures 1/1 with the NFL shield from a game used jersey and the on card auto smoked the old record for most expensive NFL card held by Tom Brady's rookie Playoff Contenders Championship Rookie Ticket auto. That Brady card sold in March for $3.1 million, this Mahomes card beat that price by over a million. 

I will say it's a sharp looking card. The art on it is fantastic, the signature is awesome, everything about it is sick. And the fact that it only got an 8.5 from Beckett means it could have been worth a lot more. Pretty wild that his team lost the Super Bowl and he has a card that blows by Brady's most valuable one. People are investing big into Mahomes and for good reason. He could have 10 other cards more valuable than this one by the time he hangs the cleats up. The funny part is we all know Mahomes' rookie season was spent on the bench. He didn't see any significant playing time that season but this card is still insanely valuable. The 1/1 is what really makes the card valuable though, the fact that THIS is the only card with that perfect signature and the NFL shield on it is pretty awesome, and it's from the future Hall Of Famer's rookie year, it's the perfect storm for the card. 

The sky is the limit for Mahomes and the state of his cards, if he keeps making plays like this above, who knows where his card prices will go. We thought Brady and his record amount of Super Bowls would drive the card market up? This dude is going to completely change the state of NFL cards and the value of the big guys. If you're into cards you absolutely need to try and get your hands on some Mahomes rookies, but I probably wouldn't go invest in this 1/1, may be a bit out of your price range.