Warzone Is Dying Rapidly, This Is How Nickmercs Would Save The Game

Yesterday, Nick and Tim were both streaming Apex Legends. We're officially in a gaming standstill where content creators are hitting their breaking point with Warzone.

It's time to face the facts - Warzone is NEVER going to get an anti-cheat. We're a year and half into the game with absolutely no anti-cheat in sight. Not even a rumor of development, simply nothing. I have heard that Call of Duties reuse old codes to make games instead of creating new ones due to time and cost. Therefore, the same hacks that worked in Black Ops 4 in 2018, will work in Cold War because Treyarch uses the same code. Crazy right?

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The biggest reason why hacking was never a Call of Duty issue was because the player base almost exclusively played on console. With Warzone, a larger number of the player base is on PC (aka a computer) than ever before. When you're on a computer, it's much easier to have access to hacks. Therefore, you have the perfect storm of CoD transitioning from console to PC and hackers understanding the simplicity of Call of Duty's game codes.

So, the first obvious answer to bringing in anti-cheat, but Nick's plan is focusing on what's actually doable.

Nick's Top 3

1) Brand New Map

I used to be against this, now I'm all for it at this point. The map changing to Verdansk 84 was a step in the right direction, but we need a brand new, fresh map. Need the juices back into Warzone because it feels stale and old right now.

2) Console FOV Slider


Most players don't know this, but PC players have a massive advantage in their field of view, or what they are able to see. This is a  direct comparison on what console can see (on top) vs PC standing in the exact same spot. Crazy right? Now do you see how players are able to see you when you can't quite see them? 

Aside from the game feeling smoother, this is why so many players decide to switch to PC because this difference is MASSIVE.

3) Fix Glitches Faster

This is inexcusable - glitches will be in the game for WEEKS on end. How is this possible for a multi-billion dollar company with a massive team? These are the biggest frustrations that Warzone players deal with. It seems like after every update we get, there are 10 new bugs into the game.

I like Nick's list a lot, but it'll fall on deaf ears to the Activision developers.

In my never-ending quest to find the Warzone meta, yesterday we compared the MW MP5 vs the CW MP5! Watch below and checkout my list for your MRankings on the Warzone Season 4 SMG for the average player.