Joey Votto Broke Out Jamie Tartt's Goal Celebration From 'Ted Lasso' Because He Was Pissed That The Reds Manager Called Him Roy Kent

[Athletic] - Votto’s celebration was a signal to his manager that he, instead, thought of himself as another one of the series’ characters, the young hotshot Jamie Tart. Tart celebrates his goals by pointing to the back of his jersey with his thumbs, just as Votto did.

“It’s more of just a pushback on David calling me Roy. That pissed me off,” Votto said after his two-homer performance in the Reds’ 7-4 victory over the Cubs at Wrigley Field on Tuesday. “God love Roy, one of the greatest fictional midfielders in Premier League history, but he gets to be Ted Lasso, the lovable guy and I have to be the guy on the way out. Are you kidding me? Have you seen me hit? Are you kidding me?”

Goddamnit it's impossible not to love Joey Votto. Well unless you're a fan of another NL Central team, I guess. But as someone completely neutral to that division, it's impossible not to love this guy. Breaking out the Jamie Tartt celebration because he's pissed he's called Roy Kent? On par for Votto. If you've watched Ted Lasso, you know what I'm talking about here. The old guy, who actually is a bit lovable and sees the way of the manager? That's fucking Joey Votto! 

I think my biggest problem with baseball is how it just can't be fun. All these unwritten rules and people bitching about celebrations and what not is so stupid. We're talking about sports here. Sports are supposed to be fun and that's what Votto is doing here. We should be happy that we have someone like Votto who will do a Jamie Tartt goal celebration rather than just run around the bases like a robot. 

And I love that Votto is legit pissed that he's called Roy Kent. That might be the most Votto aspect of this whole story. You don't tell him he's old, he's still the star and he'll show you right to your face. All Votto does is hit and make plays. 


But really this is about Ted Lasso. It's a clear cut best show going right now with It's Always Sunny. It passed Dave for me and it's frankly not close. I haven't even seen a bad review or someone say they don't like Ted Lasso, that's how good it is. Do you know how hard it is to get everyone to agree on a take? It's impossible. I could say it's hot in Vegas and someone would scream that it's a dry heat and not hot. 

We get it all with Ted Lasso. The jokes, the seriousness and the interactions that all made season 1 so good. The entire show is almost like the character in a way. You keep waiting for it just to be some stupid skit turned show but it's not. It's funny but it also pulls on some heartstrings, especially with Lasso and his family. It has the comedic relief but Sudeikis is really playing an all-around character. Enjoy the best of season 1. 

Oh and if the Reds don't play Jamie Tartt AND Roy Kent's songs during a home game with Votto, they don't deserve anything. No-brainer here.