Jason Kidd Once Made The Entire Bucks Team Run Laps Because Thon Maker Didn't Have An iPhone And It Ruined The Group Text

Listen, some people might call Jason Kidd a crazy person or a lunatic for this, but not here. There's nothing worse than one person with the non-iPhone in the group chat. Every video comes in all blurry and small. Pictures are weird. You see the green bubble instead of the blue bubble. Get that asshole out. If that means you have to make the Milwaukee Bucks run because they aren't united, so be it. That'll teach Thon Maker for going for the Android instead of an iPhone. Get your shit together, Thon. Maybe this is why the Bucks couldn't win with Jason Kidd and had nothing to do with how he used Giannis. After hearing this, it makes this story about the Lopez twins make more sense. 

Giannis wasn't going to deal with running laps again and instead just cut out the Lopez twins. I respect that. I usually live by the way of not giving a shit about what people think. I'm very much eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, wear whatever you want, because who cares? But as someone stuck in way too many group texts I simply can't support people not having iPhones. 

Wonder how quick Luka got a hold of everyone on the Mavs to tell them to go get iPhones. Zero chance Luka wants to run. Also no doubt in my mind Kristaps would be the guy with an Android on that team. He just ruins everything. I need to know way more about Jason Kidd getting pissed at the group chat being ruined though. What was he sending that was so important and just not getting through? Did he warn Thon Maker about it all? Again, I don't blame him for getting pissed, just questions I have.