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Bryce Hall Releases Super Cringeworthy Video Of Himself "Kissing The Homies" After People On The Internet Accuse Him Of Being Gay

Real quick before you click the link, let me just say that everyone on TikTok is gay. The app is single handedly made up of men (boys) trying to act cute, smiling into the camera, and showing off their bulge for followers. Guy's will openly flirt with each other under the guise of acting "sus", but in reality it's them doing things they already want to do but aren't comfortable enough doing unless they tell people it's a joke. That's not me hating on the app, that's me telling the truth. There is an entire community of TikTokers who "pretend to be gay" for clout and it's honestly bizarre. But that's neither here nor there, the reason Bryce made this video is because he got caught smooching a guy outside a club in L.A..

The Video: 

Naturally the internet went nuts, leading him to release arguably the most cringeworthy video of all time. Here it is...




(4:36 if it doesn't skip) 

I'm embarrassed I'm even writing about this, but it had to be done. The entire thing makes me want to gouge my eyes out. It wasn't even the kissing that was cringeworthy either, it was the reaction from his friends after each kiss. The screaming, the hooting and hollering. Them pretending to be SO disgusted with each other even though they 1000% weren't. It's embarrassing. If for some reason Bryce is actually gay and not comfortable enough to come out I feel bad for him, but something tells me he's not. Yuck.