Sonkadelphia: The Gruesome Twosome Are Back Together With Keith Yandle Signing In Philly To Play With Kevin Hayes

I already thought the Flyers would be one of the biggest pain in the ass teams to play against this season when Chuck Fletcher went out there and traded for Rasmus Ristolainen. He's a total prick on the ice and he plays with a big time edge. But now? Now that Yands and Hayesy are back together at last?

Well these two peckerheads are going to be a couple of absolute menaces together all season long. You almost have to make sure that they're both on the ice and on the bench at the same time together all game long just so they can constantly feed off of each other. 

The deal is a 1-year, $900K contract. And the Flyers should also add a nice little bonus to Hayes' contract as the recruiter. All that's left now is for the Flyers to figure out a trade for Johnny Hockey. Get the whole gang back together again. But either way, this is a great move for the Flyers. Not just because it's a huge addition to the locker room, but let's not act like Keith Yandle can't go out there and help this team get back to being a contender right away. 

The Flyers got better defensively with the Ryan Ellis trade. They got tougher with the Rasmus Ristolainen trade. They got more accountable and well rounded with the Cam Atkinson trade. And now they're adding another big time puck moving defenseman with the Yandle signing. 

Provorov - Ellis. Sanheim - Ristolainen. Braun - Yandle. York - Zamula. That's a quality blueline the Flyers have completely restructured in the matter of a week. Chuck Fletcher, you stallion.