Paris Hilton Is Pregnant, Youth Continues To Slip Through Our Grasp

Paris Hilton is pregnant and expecting her first child with her fiancé, Carter Reum, Page Six has exclusively learned.

The pair have been open about wanting to start a family together, with Hilton, 40, revealing in January that she had been undergoing IVF treatments.

“He’s just my dream guy. … [Carter is] 100 percent [the one],” she said on the “Trend Reporter” podcast at the time. “We talk about [planning a wedding] all the time and planning our baby’s names and all of that.”

Hilton’s rep declined to comment. A rep for Reum didn’t return Page Six’s request for comment.

Hilton and the venture capitalist, also 40, got engaged in February after dating for a year.

This is wonderful news for Paris and her fiance, they've been trying to get pregnant for a while. But that's not why I'm writing this blog. 

What a shock to the system. I'm 30 now, and everything I see reminds me of my age. Paris Hilton was my QUEEN growing up - a mogul, a star, a strong independent woman, a super unapologetic girly-girl; and now she's having a child. If this were one of those "FeEL oLd YeT?" memes, I would be sending it to every bitch I know, unironically. I feel old as fuck. 

Life really does just pass you by, huh? It feels like I was watching The Simple Life at my bestie's house in high school 5 minutes ago. Drowning ourselves in Paris' perfume, hiding thongs and crop tops from our moms. Trying to pretend that wearing a bandana as a shirt, made sense and was appropriate. Buying 4,000 charms and bedazzles for my flip phone and spending hours decorating it. All behaviors inspired by Paris. Now she's a real ass woman with real ass problems and a real ass baby on the way. Damn.

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