THAT'S MY QUARTERBACK!!! While other NFL players are making their grand entrances to training camp in ridiculous vehicles while wearing outrageous outfits to try and convince you how cool they are (remember the shit Antonio Brown used to do before we realized he was a looney toon?), Danny Dimes is showing up to the Giants facility rocking a groutfit with his hands in his pockets and not a care in the world. You want cool? Not giving a flying fuck about what a bunch of strangers think about you and showing up to your job like Peter did in Office Space is as cool as it gets.

I have been told by a person or two million that this is a make or break year for Daniel Jones because he has NO EXCUSES. Other than a potentially bad offensive line. And an offensive coordinator that everyone says is awful. And his team's best weapon potentially still recovering after a devastating injury last year as well as his best receiver being new to the offense. But other than the biggest excuses you can make for a quarterback, Daniel Jones has NO EXCUSES this year. And based on the way he arrived to camp, he doesn't give a flying fuck about them either. 

Most Improved Player. The Giants quarterback of the present and future. Danwagon forever. #DJHG