Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Whose Husband Is Divorcing Her For Making Too Much Money As A Prostitute

The divorce papers, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, reportedly allege that Turner earned nearly $700,000 in cash from her clients. 

Millionaire surgeon Dr. Kim claimed he first became aware of his wife's double life in December 2020 when he came across an explicit iMessage intended for Turner, which detailed a sexual encounter between her and another man, the court papers reportedly state. 

The papers go on to claim that Turner, who won the Miss Connecticut title in 2011, had clients including a New Jersey-based real estate executive and an award-winning lighting designer, New York Daily News reported.

Before we start the blog here is a video of Regina Turner in Maxim because her instagram is private


There's that old Louis CK bit from around 2011, ironically enough, where he talks about hot girls at bars and clubs and their whole personality and job is "guys want to fuck me". Well Miss Connecticut actually turned that into a thriving business. And not in the traditional way where she just marries the rich guy. She did that too, but that wasn't enough. I'd guess hookers dream of the "Pretty Woman" plot every single day. A wealthy man falls in love with them and sweeps them off their feet and off the street. Not Regina. No no no. She executed being hot, getting the spinal surgeon, and living the lavish lifestyle. Her job was officially to have no job. You always hear this about great entrepreneurs though. If Marc Cuban sells a business and cashes in he's not going to stop working and neither is Regina. While her husband is bent over a table straightening spines. She's bent over a table straightening dicks. Both helping people. Both making money. Sounds like a power couple to me. Her husband just couldn't handle it. In the year 2021, no less. Sad to see.