New York's Hottest Subway Station Has It All! A Stripper, Little People Dressed Up As Captain America And Chucky From Child's Play, A Gaggle Of New Yorkers Dancing While Cheering Everything On

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Yeah that may be a sliiiiiightly dated reference to a time when SNL actually churned out some hits, but there was honestly no other way to describe that scene than by diving into the preposterous mind of Stefon. 

After seeing that video, I am not only declaring New York #BACK but better than ever. It may have taken almost a decade of dogshit and the worst year of all of our lives, but the city has blossomed from de Blasio's New York to the beautiful butterfly we see in that video. Guys being dudes, girls being chicks, and everyone having the time of their lives (while also being masked up because safety first!). What a truly beautiful time to be alive. Keep doing your thing New York and rents will be back up to 100x the average American city in no time! Can't wait to see what you pull out of the brain of Stefon next.