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It's Actually A Miracle That A Massive Brawl Didn't Break Out Last Night At Wrigley Field

I'm not exaggerating when I say that it's a bonafide miracle no punches were thrown when you watch Javy's celebration from that angle. Obviously there's emotions running high around the Chicago Cubs but that was on a different level. Javy plays with a ton of passion (no shit) but it's basically always in good spirits with his opposition. He's always bullshitting and playing grab ass with guys on 2nd. All smiles and laughs and good vibes. 

Then there's Amir Garrett. Certified looney bin with a thirst for violence. Two completely polarizing personalities squaring off and embracing the conflict. There's no doubt they hate each other's guts. Pure theatre. 

Upon further review though, I have no idea how that didn't turn ugly. Has a pitcher ever charged a hitter mid-walkoff? Because that was certainly on the table. Virtually nothing would have surprised me following this reaction. I would just as easily believe that Amir Garrett came back during the postgame interview swinging a fungo bat at people's heads as I would that this game ended peacefully. 

Will be interesting to see how Cinci responds tonight. Do Garrett's teammates drill anyone or are they tired of his bullshit? Common sense says someone is taking a fastball to the rib cage. Would be an absolute shitshow if they decided to make it Rizzo. In that case I would strongly prepare for fireworks. 

Even so, I say all of this under the complete awareness that most baseball fights suck. Nobody is arguing otherwise. Most of those guys are pussies anyways. 

But when baseball fights are good, they're fantastic. You can't really replicate that kind of violent chaos anywhere else in sports. Even if it rarely happens, the Classics always play.

Now do me a favor and pray your balls off that Javy Baez doesn't get suspended. That's worst case scenario going into the trade deadline. Let us have our moments. 

PS - Good time to get dialed into RLR. Bears are reporting to camp and the Cubs are about to blow it up. Join us on the journey if your health allows. 

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